शानोदिताव्यपदेश्यधर्मानुपाती धर्मी ॥१४॥
śān-odita-avyapadeśya-dharmānupātī dharmī ||14||

[RS] 3.14 Past, present and future tasks are all based on one and the same foundation.

[JW] 3.14 A substance conforms itself to quiescent and uprisen and indeterminable external-aspects.

[SS] 3.14 It is the substratum (Prakriti) that by nature goes through latent, uprising and unmanifested phases. [p182]

[EB] 3.14 The substratum is that which underpins past, present, and future. [p324]

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(शान्त, śānta) = past
(उदित, udita) = arising; manifested
(अव्यपदेश्य, avyapadeśya) = unmanifest; in the future; future
(धर्म, dharma) = characteristics; inherent function
(अनुपाती, anupātī) = based on; jointly
(धर्मी, dharmī) = the object or person containing the characteristics