क्रमान्यत्वं परिणामान्यतेवे हेतुः ॥१५॥
kramānyatvaṁ pariṇāmānyateve hetuḥ ||15||

[RS] 3.15 Distinctness in transformation (anyatvam-parinama) are based on differences in the sequence.

[JW] 3.15 The order of the sequence (krama) is the reason for the order of the mutations.

[SS] 3.15 The succession of these different phases is the cause of the differences in stages of evolution. [p183]

[EB] 3.15 The change in the sequence [of characteristics] is the cause of the change in transformations [of objects]. [p327]

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(क्रम, krama) = sequence; succession
(अन्यत्वं, anyatvaṁ) = distinctness; difference
(परिणाम, pariṇāma) = change; evolution
(अन्यत्व, anyatva) = distinctness; difference
(हेतु, hetu) = cause; reason