तत्र प्रत्ययैकतानता ध्यानम् ॥२॥
tatra pratyaya-ikatānatā dhyānam ||2||

[RS] 3.2 Allowing your thoughts to flow in an uninterrupted stream results in contemplation (dhyana).

[JW] 3.2 Focusedness of the presented idea upon that place is contemplation.

[SS] 3.2 Dhyana is the continuous flow of congnition toward that object. [p173]

[EB] 3.2 Meditation is the one-pointedness of the mind on one image. [p303]

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(तत्र, tatra) = there; then
(प्रत्यय, pratyaya) = notion; content of mind; presented idea; cognition
(एक, eka) = one
(तान, tāna) = to flow; to rove; to migrate
(एकतानत, ekatānata) = one continuous flow
(ध्यानम्, dhyānam) =  meditation