मैत्र्यदिषु बलानि ॥२३॥
maitry-adiṣu balāni ||23||

[RS] 3.23 Meditating on love (maitri) and the other positive attitudes (see ys 1.33) engenders the necessary strength.

[JW] 3.23 [As a result of constraint] upon friendliness and [other sentiments there arise] powers [of friendliness].

[SS] 3.24 By samyama on friendliness and other such qualities, the power to transmit them is obtained. [p187]

[EB] 3.23 By [samyama] on friendliness and such things, strengths are acquired. [p350]

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(मैत्री, maitrī) = love; congeniality; friendliness
(आदिषु, ādiṣu) = and so on
(बलानि, balāni) = power; strength