बलेषु हस्तिबलादीनी ॥२४॥
baleṣu hastibalādīnī ||24||

[RS] 3.24 Meditating on strength itself engenders the strength of an elephant.

[JW] 3.24 [As a result of constraint] upon powers [there arise] powers like those of an elephant.

[SS] 3.25 By samyama on the strength of elephans and other such animals, their strength is obtained. [p188]

[EB] 3.24 [By practicing samyama] on strengths, [the yogi] attains the strengths of an elephant, etc. [p351]

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(बलेषु, baleṣu) = in the strength
(हस्ति, hasti) = elephant
(बलादीनि, balādīni) = strength of