भुवज्ञानं सूर्येसंयमात् ॥२६॥
bhuva-jñānaṁ sūrye-saṁyamāt ||26||

[RS] 3.26 Meditation (samyama) on the sun gives rise to knowledge (jnana) of the ethereal and physical worlds.

[JW] 3.26 As a result of constraint upon the sun [there arises the intuitive] knowledge of the cosmic-spaces (bhuvana).

[SS] 3.27 By samyama on the sun, knowledge of the entire solar system is obtained. [p189]

[EB] 3.26 By performing samyama on the sun arises knowledge of the different realms in the universe. [p353]

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(भुवन, bhuvana) = world; realm; ethereal and physical worlds
(ज्ञान, jñāna) = knowledge; understanding
(सूर्ये, sūrye) = concerning the sun; concerning surya
(संयमात्, saṁyamāt) = deep contemplation; meditation