ध्रुवे तद्गतिज्ञानम् ॥२८॥
dhruve tadgati-jñānam ||28||

[RS] 3.28 Meditating on the polestar engenders knowledge (jnana) of its constellation.

[JW] 3.28 [As a result of constraint] upon the pole-star [there arises the intuitive] knowledge of their movements.

[SS] 3.29 By samyama on the pole star comes knowledge of the stars' movements. [p189]

[EB] 3.28 [By samyama] on the polestar comes knowledge of the movement of the stars. [p357]

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(ध्रुवे, dhruve) =  polestar
(तत्, tat) =  its; their
(गति, gati) =  movement; constellation
(ज्ञानम्, jñānam) =  knowledge; insight