नाभिचक्रे कायव्यूहज्ञानम् ॥२९॥
nābhicakre kāyavyūha-jñānam ||29||

[RS] 3.29 Meditation on the energy center of the navel (nabhi chakra) gives rise to knowledge (jnana) concerning the arrangement and structure of the physical body.

[JW] 3.29 [As a result of constraint] upon the wheel of the navel [there arises the intuitive] knowledge of the arrangement of the body.

[SS] 3.30 By samyama on the navel plexus, knowledge of the body's constitution is obtained. [p190]

[EB] 3.29 [By samyama] on the navel of the body comes knowledge of the arrangement of the body. [p357]

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(नाभि, nābhi) = navel
(चक्रे, cakre) = energy center; wheel
(काय, kāya) = body; physical body
(व्यूह, vyūha) = arrangement; configuration
(ज्ञानम्, jñānam) = knowledge; insight