कूर्मनाड्यां स्थैर्यम् ॥३१॥
kūrma-nāḍyāṁ sthairyam ||31||

[RS] 3.31 Meditation on the energy in the spine (kurma nadi) engenders steadiness.

[JW] 3.31 [As a result of constraint] upon the tortoise-tube there follows motionlessness of the mind-stuff.

[SS] 3.32 By samyama on the kurma nadi ( a subtle tortoise-shaped tube located below the throat), motionlessness in the meditative posture is achieved. [p191]

[EB] 3.31 [By samyama] on the subtle tortoise channel, steadiness is attained. [p361]

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(कूर्म, kūrma) = tortoise
(नाड्याम्, nāḍyām) = energy channel
(कूर्मनाडी, kūrma-nāḍī) = energy channel at the sternum or along the spine (depending on the text)
(स्थैर्यम्, sthairyam) = steadiness; stability