मूर्धज्योतिषि सिद्धदर्शनम् ॥३२॥
mūrdha-jyotiṣi siddha-darśanam ||32||

[RS] 3.32 Meditation on the light inside the head engenders contact with the masters (siddhas).

[JW] 3.32 [As a result of constraint] upon the radiance in the head [there follows] the sight of the Siddhas.

[SS] 3.33 By samyama on the light at the crown of the head (sahasrara chakra), visions of masters and adepts are obtained. [p191]

[EB] 3.32 [By samyama] on the light in the skull, a vision of the siddhas, perfected beings, is attained. [p362]

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(मूर्ध, mūrdha) = head; crown of the head
(ज्योतिषि, jyotiṣi) = light
(सिद्ध, siddha) = perfected ones; masters in possession of divine powers; siddhas
(दर्शनम्, darśanam) = vision; contact