प्रातिभाद्वा सर्वम् ॥३३॥
prātibhād-vā sarvam ||33||

[RS] 3.33 Meditiation on intuition engenders knowledge about everything.

[JW] 3.33 Or as a result of vividness (pratibha) the yogin discerns all.

[SS] 3.34 Or, in the knowledge that dawns by spontaneous enlightenment [thought a life of purity], all the powers come by themselves. [p191]

[EB] 3.33 Or, by intuition, comes [knowledge of] everything. [p363]

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(प्रातिभा, prātibhā) = intuitive knowledge
(वा, vā) = or
(सर्वम्, sarvam) = all; everything