ह्र्डये चित्तसंवित् ॥३४॥
hrḍaye citta-saṁvit ||34||

[RS] 3.34 Meditation on the heart (hridaya) engenders knowledge concerning human mutability (chitta).

[JW] 3.34 As a result of constraint upon the heart [there arises] a consciousness of the mind-stuff.

[SS] 3.35 By samyama on the heart, the knowledge of the mind-stuff is obtained. [p192]

[EB] 3.34 [By samyama] on the heart, knowledge of the mind ensues. [p363]

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(हृदय, hṛdaya) = heart
(चित्त, citta) = human mutability; mind
(संवित्, saṁvit) = understanding; perception; precise knowledge