बद्न्हकारणशैथिल्यात् प्रचारसंवेदनाच्च चित्तस्य परशरीरावेशः ॥३८॥
badnha-kāraṇa-śaithilyāt pracāra-saṁvedanācca cittasya paraśarīrāveśaḥ ||38||

[RW] 3.38 Relinquishing the causes of attachment to the physical realm and gaining knowledge of the energy channels engenders the ability to enter into another body.

[JW] 3.38 As a result of slackening the causes of bondage and as a result of the knowledge of the procedure [of the mind-stuff], the mind-stuff penetrates into the body of another.

[SS] 3.39 By the loosening of the cause [of the bondage of mind to body] and by knowledge of the procedure of the mind-stuff's functioning, entering another's body is accomplished. [p194]

[EB] 3.38 By loosening the cause of bondage, and by knowledge of the passageways of the mind, the mind can enter into the bodies of others. [p368]

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(बन्ध, bandha) = attachment; bondage; here: attachment to the physical body
(कारण, kāraṇa) = cause
(शैथिल्य, śaithilya) = by relinquishing; letting go; loosening
(प्रचार, pracāra) = passages; channels; ethereal energy channels
(संवेदन, saṁvedana) = by knowledge of
(, ca) = and
(चित्त, citta) = mind
(पर, para) = another
(शरीर, śarīra) = body
(आवेश, āveśa) = entering into