उदानजयाअत् जलपण्खकण्टकादिष्वसङ्गोऽत्क्रान्तिश्च ॥३९॥
udāna-jayāat jala-paṇkha-kaṇṭakādiṣv-asaṅgo-'tkrāntiśca ||39||

[RS] 3.39 Gaining mastery over upward flowing energy (udana-vayu) severs contact with mud, water, thorns and the like; whereupon the yogi levitates.

[JW] 3.39 As a result of mastering the Udana there is no adhesion to water or mud or thorns or similar objects, and [at death] the upward flight.

[SS] 3.40 By mastery over the udana nerve current (the upward vital air), one accomplishes levitation over water, swamps, thorns, etc. and can leave the body at will. [p194]

[EB] 3.39 By mastery over the udana vital air, one attains [the power of] levitation and does not come into contact with water, mud, and thorns, etc. [p372]

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(उदान, udāna) = udana-vayu; an aspect of ethereal energy; prana; energy in the throat; upward flowing energy
(जयात्, jayāt) = by mastery
(जल, jala) = water
(पण्ख, paṇkha) = mud; swamp
(कण्टक, kaṇṭaka) = thorn
(आदिषु, ādiṣu) = and so on
(असङ्गः, asaṅgaḥ) = no contact; no adhesion; cessation of contact
(उत्क्रान्ति, utkrānti) = rising; ascension; levitation; to be lightweight
(, ca) = and