त्रयमेकत्र संयमः ॥४॥
trayam-ekatra saṁyamaḥ ||4||

[RS] 3.4 The three processes of dharana, dhyana, and samadhi, when taken together, are the components of meditation (samyama).

[JW] 3.4 The three in one are constraint.

[SS] 3.4 The practice of these three [dharana, dhyana and samadhi] upon one object is called samyama. [p177]

[EB] 3.4 When these three are performed together, it is called samyama. [p310]

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(त्रयम्, trayam) = the three
(एक, eka) = one
(एकत्र, ekatra) = together; as one; at one place
(संयमः, saṁyamaḥ) = completely controlled or regulated; self control; absorption; meditation; the latter stages of the eight-fold path; essence of the eight-fold path