समानजयाज्ज्वलनम् ॥४०॥
samāna-jayāj-jvalanam ||40||

[RS] 3.40 Mastery over metabolic energy (samana-vayu) engenders inner fire.

[JW] 3.40 As a result of mastering the Samana [there arises] a radiance.

[SS] 3.41 By mastery over the samana nerve current (the equalizing vital air) comes radiance to surround the body. [p195]

[EB] 3.40 By mastery over the samana vital air, radiance is attained. [p373]

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(समान, samāna) = metabolic energy; a metaphysical energy that is responsible for metabolism.
(जयात्, jayāt) = by mastery
(ज्वलनम्, jvalanam) =  fire