बहिरकल्पिता वृत्तिः महाविदेहा ततः प्रकाशावरणक्षयः ॥४३॥
bahir-akalpitā vṛttiḥ mahā-videhā tataḥ prakāśa-āvaraṇa-kṣayaḥ ||43||

[RS] 3.43 Meditating on unimaginable external thought waves gives rise to maximum disembodiment. This in turn lifts the veil on the true self.

[JW] 3.43 An outwardly un-adjusted fluctuation is the Great Discarnate; as a result of this the dwindling of the covering to the brightness.

[SS] 3.44 By samyama on thought waves unidentified by and external to the body [maha-videha, or the great bodilessness], the veil over the light of the Self is destroyed. [p196]

[EB] 3.43 The state of mind [projected] outside [of the body], which is not an imagined state, is called the great out-of-body [experience]. By this, the covering of the light [of buddhi] is destroyed. [p377]

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(बहिः, bahiḥ) = external
(अकल्पिता, akalpitā) = unimaginable
(वृत्ति, vṛtti) = wave; thought wave
(मह, maha) = large; maximum
(विदेहा, videhā) = disembodiment
(ततः, tataḥ) = thence
(प्रकाश, prakāśa) = light; here: the true self
(आवरण, āvaraṇa) = covering; veil
(क्षयः, kṣayaḥ) = remove; destroy; reduce