[SS] 3.46 From that comes attainment of anima and other siddhis, bodily perfection and the non-obstruction of bodily functions by the influence of the elements [Note: the eight major siddhis alluded to here are:
   anima (to become very small);
   mahima ( to be come very large);
   laghima (very light);
   garima (heavy);
   prapti (to reach anywhere);
   prakamya (to achieve all one's desires);
   isatva (ability to command and control everything). [p197]

[EB] 3.45 As a result of this, there are no limitations on account of the body's natural abilities; mystic powers such as anima, etc., manifest; and the body attains perfection. [p383]

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tataḥ = thence

aṇiman = capacity to make the body extremely small; the eight supernatural abilities (siddhis): very small; huge; light; heavy; attain the maximally remote; influence other living beings via the mind; influence non-living matter; materialization and dematerialization

prādurbhāvaḥ = manifestation

kāya = body

saṁpat = absoluteness; perfection

tat = whose; their

dharma = function; task; fullfillment of a duty

anabhighāta = non-resistance; without obstruction

ca = and