ग्रहणस्वरूपास्मितावयार्थवत्त्वसंयमातिन्द्रिय जयः ॥४७॥
grahana svarupa asmita avaya arthavattva sanyamat indriya jayah ||47||

[RS] 3.47 Meditation (samyama) on the process of perception, its actual form, your I-ness, and the purpose of your life engenders mastery (jaya) over the senses.

[JW] 3.47. As a result of constraint upon the process-of-knowing and the essential attribute and the feeling-of-personality and the inherence and the purposiveness, [there follows] the subjugation of the organs.

[SS] 3.48 By samyama on the power of perception and on the essential nature, correlation with the ego sense and purpose of the sense organs, mastery over them is gained. [p198]

[EB] 3.47 By performance of samyama on the process of knowing, on the essence [the sense organs], on ego, on the consititution [of the gunas], and on the purpose [of the gunas] comes control over the senses. [p386]

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grahaṇa = process of perception

svarūpa = own form; own essence

asmitā = I-ness; individuality

anvaya = connectedness; connection

arthavattva = purposefulness; function

saṁyama = deep contemplation; meditation

indriya = organs of perception

jayaḥ = mastery