ततो मनोजवित्वं विकरणभावः प्रधानजयश्च ॥४८॥
tato mano javitvam vikarana bhavah pradhana jayash cha ||48||

[RS] 3.48 This results in quickness of mind, liberation from the sense organs, and mastery (jaya) over matter. ||48||

[JW] 3.48. As a result of this [there follows] speed [great as that] of the central-organ, action of the instruments [of knowledge] disjunct [from the body], and the subjugation of the primary-cause.

[SS] 3.49 From that, the body gains the power to move as fast as the mind, ability to function without the aid of the sense organs, and complete mastery over the primary cause (Prakriti). [p198]

[EB] 3.48 As a result of this comes speed like the speed of the mind, activity independent of the bodily senses, and mastery over primordial matter. [p388]

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tataḥ = thence

mano = mind; understanding

javitvaṁ = quickness; speed

vikaraṇa = tool; here: the sense organs

bhāvaḥ = liberation; independence

pradhāna = matter; nature; creation

jaya = mastery

ca = and