सत्त्वपुरुषान्यताख्यातिमात्रस्य सर्वभावाधिष्ठातृत्वं सर्वज्ञातृत्वं च ॥४९॥
sattva purusha anyata khyatimatrasya sarva bhava adhishthatritvam sarva jnatritvam cha ||49||

[RS] 3.49 Mastery of feelings and omniscience can only be attained through knowledge of the difference between the physical world and the true self.

[JW] 3.49. He who has only the full discernment into the difference between the sattva and the Self is one who has authority over all states-of-existence and is one who knows all.

[SS] 3.50 By recongnition of the distinction between sattva (the pure reflective nature) and the Self, supremacy over all states and forms of existence [omnipotence] is gained as is omniscience. [p199]

[EB] 3.49 Only for one who discerns the difference between the purusa and the intellect do omniscience and omnipotence accrue. [p389]

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sattva = purity; one of the three guṇas; the physical world

puruṣa = the true self

anyata = difference; distinction between

khyāti = knowledge; embodiment

mātra = only; merely

sarva = all

bhāva = feelings; emotions

adhiṣṭhāṭṛtvaṁ = mastery; supremacy; omnipotence

sarva = all

jñātṛṭva = knowledge; wisdom

ca = and