तज्जयात् प्रज्ञालोकः ॥५॥
tajjayāt prajñālokaḥ ||5||

[RS] 3.5 Mastery of this meditation gives rise to absolute knowledge of all that can be perceived.

[JW] 3.5 As a result of mastering this constraint, there follows the shining forth of insight.

[SS] 3.5 By the mastery of samyama comes the light of knowledge. [p178]

[EB] 3.5 From samyama comes insight. [p311]

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(तत्, tat) = that; there; from that
(जयात्, jayāt) = mastery
(प्रज्ञा, prajñā) = higher consciousness; direct knowledge; absolute knowledge
(आलोकः, ālokaḥ) = all that can be perceived; light; visible