तद्वैराग्यादपि दोषबीजक्षये कैवल्यम् ॥५०॥
tad vairagyad api dosha bija kshaye kaivalyam ||50||

[RS] 3.50 Non-attachment (vairagya) even from that omiscience destroys the foundation of all dysbalances (dosha) and results in liberation (kaivalya).

[JW] 3.50 As a result of passionlessness even with regard to these [perfections] there follows, after the dwindling of the seeds of the defects, Isolation.

[SS] 3.51 By non-attachment even to that [all these siddhis], the seed of bondage is destroyed and thus follows Kaivalya (Independence). [p199]

[EB] 3.50 By detachment even from this attainment [i.e. omniscience and omnipotence], and upon the destruction of the seeds of all faults, kaivalya, the supreme liberation ensues. [p393]

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tad = that

vairāgyat = desirelessness; non-attachment; dispassion

api = even

doṣa =impurity; dysbalances

bīja = seed; foundation

kṣaye = destruction

kaivalyam = liberation; enlightenment