स्थान्युपनिमन्त्रणे सङ्गस्मयाकरणं पुनरनिष्टप्रसङ्गात् ॥५१॥
sthany upa nimantrane sanga smaya akaranam punar anishta prasangat ||51||

[RS] 3.51 When the celestial beings beckon, the yogi should avoid forming any attachment to this complacency, since this contact can reinstate undesirable attachment.

[JW] 3.51 In case of invitations from those-in-high-places, these should arouse no attachment or pride, for undesired consequences recur.

[SS] 3.52 The Yogi should neither accept nor smile with pride at the admiration of even the celestial beings, as there is the possibility of his getting caught again in the undesirable. [p201]

[EB] 3.51 If solicited by celestial beings, [the yogi] should not become smug, because the tendency toward undesirable consequences can once again manifest. [p394]

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sthāni = celestial beings

upanimantraṇe = invitation; on being invited by

saṅga = acceptance; attachment

smaya = pride; enjoyment

akaraṇaṁ = he should avoid; to refuse

punaḥ = again

aniṣṭa = undesirable

prasaṇgāt = as a result of the contact
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