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क्षणतत्क्रमयोः संयमात् विवेकजंज्ञानम् ॥५२॥
kshana tat kramayoh sanyamat vivekajam jnanam ||52||

[RS] 3.52 Meditation (samyama) on the moments and their succession give rise to knowledge (jnana) that is born from discernment (viveka).

[JW] 3.52 As a result of constraint upon moments and their sequence [there arises the intuitive] knowledge proceeding from discrimination.

[SS] 3.53 By samyama on single moments in sequence comes discriminative knowledge. [p201]

[EB] 3.52 By performing samyama on the moment, and its sequence, one attains knowledge born of discrimination. [p397]

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kṣaṇa = moment; instant; infinitesimal time

tat = its

kramayoḥ = sequence; succession

saṁyamāt = through contemplation; meditation

viveka = discernment

jam = born of; from

jñānam = knowledge