तारकं सर्वविषयं सर्वथाविषयमक्रमंचेति विवेकजं ज्ञानम् ॥५४॥
tarakam sarva vishayam sarvatha vishayam akramam cheti vivekajam jnanam ||54||

[RS] 3.54 Knowledge that is born of discernment transcends all objects, all beings and all time.

[JW] 3.54 The [intuitive] knowledge proceeding from discrimination is a deliverer, has all things as its object, and has all times for its object, and is an [inclusive whole] without sequence.

[SS] 3.55 The discriminative knowledge that simultaneously comprehends all objects in all conditions is the intuitive knowledge which brings liberation. [p202]

[EB] 3.54 Knowledge born of discrimination is a liberator; it has everything as its object at all times simultaneously. [p401]

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tārakam =  to transcend

sarva = all

viṣayam = object

sarvathā = all beings; all time; entirely

akramam = beyond succession; non-sequential; simultaneous

ca = and

iti = completed; end

viveka = discernment

jam = born of viveka; born of discernment

jñānam = knowledge