सत्त्वपुरुषयोः शुद्धिसाम्ये कैवल्यम् ॥५५॥
sattva purushayoh shuddhisamye kaivalyam ||55||

[RS] 3.55 Liberation (kaivalya) comes when parity between the physical world and the true self (purusha) is attained.

[JW] 3.55 When the purity of the sattva and of the Self are equal [there is] Isolation.

[SS] 3.56 When the tranquil mind attains purity equal to that of the Self, there is Absoluteness. [p203]

[EB] 3.55 When the purity of the intellect is equal to that of the purusa, kaivalya liberation ensues. [p403]

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sattva = purity; one of the three guṇas; the physical world

puruṣayoh = consicousness; true nature; true self

śuddhi = purity

sāmye = sameness; similarity

kaivalyam =  liberation