त्रयमन्तरन्गं पूर्वेभ्यः ॥७॥
trayam-antarangaṁ pūrvebhyaḥ ||7||

[RS] 3.7 These three steps are more internal (anga) than the previous steps.

[JW] 3.7 The three are direct aids in comparison with the previous [five].

[SS] 3.7 These three [dharana, dhyana and samadhi] are more internal than the preceding five limbs. [p178]

[EB] 3.7 These three [dharana, dhyana, and samadhi] are internal limbs compared to the previous limbs [of yoga]. [p313]

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(त्रयम्, trayam) = three
(अन्तर्, antar) = internal
(अङ्ग, aṅga) = limb; part
(पूर्वेभ्यः, pūrvebhyaḥ) = compared to the previous ones; relative to the previous ones