जन्मओषधिमन्त्रतपस्समाधिजाः सिद्धयः ॥१॥
janma oshadhi mantra tapas samadhi jah siddhayah ||1||

[RS] 4.1 Supernatural powers (siddhis) arise from birth, drugs, mantras, austerity, or yoga (samadhi).

[JW] 4.1 Perfections proceed from birth or from drugs or from spells or from self-castigation or from concentration.

[SS] 4.1 Siddhis are born of practices performed in previous births, or by herbs, mantra repetition, asceticism, or by samadhi. [p207]

[EB] 4.1 The mystic powers arise due to birth, herbs, mantras, the performance of austerity, and samadhi. [p406]

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janma = birth

oṣadhim = drugs; herbs; medicinal herbs

mantra = mantra; acoustic energy

tapaḥ = austerity; self-training

samādhi = transcendent state; the goal of yoga

-jāḥ = arise from

siddhayaḥ =  supernatural powers