तासामनादित्वं चाशिषो नित्यत्वात् ॥१०॥
tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat ||10||

[RS] 4.10 The continuity arising from wish and reality has no beginning, for the will to live is eternal.

[JW] 4.10 Furthermore the [subconscious-impressions] have no beginning [that we can set in time], since desire is permanent.

[SS] 4.10 Since the desire to live is eternal, impressions are also beginningless. [p212]

[EB] 4.10 The samskaras are beginningless, because the desire [for life] is eternal. [p421]

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tāsām = for these

anāditvaṁ = no beginning

ca = and; also

āśiṣaḥ = the will to live

nityatvāt = eternal; permanent, without end