हेतुफलाश्रयालम्बनैःसंगृहीतत्वातेषामभावेतदभावः ॥११॥
hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah ||11||

[RS] 4.11 The continuity of wish and reality arises from supporting factors and external objects. If they disappear, the continuity arising from wish and reality likewise disappears.

[JW] 4.11 Since [subconscious-impressions] are associated with cause and motive and mental-substrate (acraya) and stimulus, if these cease to be, then those [subconscious impressions] cease to be.

[SS] 4.11 The impressions being held together by cause, effect, basis and support, they disappear with the disappearance of these four. [p213]

[EB] 4.11 Since [samskaras] are held together by immediate cause, motive, the mind, and the object of awareness, the samskaras cease when the latter cease. [p423]

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hetu = cause

phala = effect; fruit

āśraya = support; based on

ālambanaiḥ = support; object; contact

saṁgṛhītatvāt = interconnection

eṣām = of these

abhāve = on the disappearance of; to not exist
tad = of them

abhāvaḥ = disappear