अतीतानागतं स्वरूपतोऽस्तिअध्वभेदाद् धर्माणाम् ॥१२॥
atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam ||12||

[RS] 4.12 The past and future exist inherently. Tasks (dharma) arise from the changes.

[JW] 4.12 Past and future as such exist; [therefore subconscious impressions do not cease to be]. For the different time forms belong to the external-aspects.

[SS] 4.12 The past and future exist in the real form of objects which manifest due to differences in the conditions of their characteristics. [p213]

[EB] 4.12 The past and the future exist in reality, since they differ [from the present only] in terms of the time of [manifestation] of their characteristics. [p425]

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atīta = past

anāgataṁ = future

svarūpataḥ = its own form

asti = exist; remain

adhva = path

bhedāt = owing to the variableness

adhva-bhedāt = owing to differing paths; changes

dharmāṇāṁ = (from Dharma) dharma; fulfillment of an obligation; inherent characteristics