ते व्यक्तसूक्ष्माः गुणात्मानः ॥१३॥
te vyakta sukshmah guna atmanah ||13||

[RS] 4.13 These characteristics are manifest or subtle, physical or spiritual.

[JW] 4.13 These [external-aspects with the three time-forms] are phenomenalized [individuals] or subtile [generic-forms] and their essence is the aspects (guna).

[SS] 4.13 Whether manifested or subtle, these characteristics belong to the nature of gunas. [p214]

[EB] 4.13 The past, present, and future have the gunas as their essence and are either manifest or latent. [p427]

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te = they; these

vyakta = manifest

sūkṣmāḥ =  subtle

guṇa = the three basic elements of matter; physical

atmānaḥ = the absolute; spiritual