परिणामैकत्वात् वस्तुतत्त्वम् ॥१४॥
parinama ikatvat vastu tattvam ||14||

[RS] 4.14 The uniqueness of change comprises the essence of everything.

[JW] 4.14 The that-ness of a thing is due to a singleness of mutation.

[SS] 4.14 The reality of things is due to the uniformity of the gunas' transformations. [p214]

[EB] 4.14 The things [of the world] are objectively real, due to the uniformity of [the gunas that underpin] all change. [p428]

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pariṇāma = change

ekatvāt = unique

vastu =  object

tattvam = essence; truth; particularity