वस्तुसाम्ये चित्तभेदात्तयोर्विभक्तः पन्थाः ॥१५॥
vastusamye chitta bhedat tayorvibhaktah panthah ||15||

[RS] 4.15 That which is mutable in us (chitta) takes various paths to the same object, perception of which thus differs from one person another.

[JW] 4.15 Because, while the [physical] thing remains the same, the mind-stuffs are different, [therefore the two are upon] distinct levels-of-existence.

[SS] 4.15 Due to differences in various minds, perception of even the same object may vary. [p214]

[EB] 4.15 Because there is a multiplicity of minds [perceiving an object] but yet the object remains consistent, there is a difference in nature between the object and the mind [of the observer]. [p431]

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vastu = object

sāmye = sameness

citta = mind; spirit; all that is mutable in human beings

bhedāt = change; diversity

tayoḥ = whose

vibhaktaḥ = different; separation

panthāḥ = traveler; paths