न तत्स्वाभासं दृश्यत्वात् ॥१९॥
na tat svabhasam drishyatvat ||19||

[RS] 4.19 As that which is mutable in human beings is not inherently identifiable, it is a perceptible object.

[JW] 4.19 It does not illumine itself, since it is an object-for-sight.

[SS] 4.19 The mind-stuff is not self-luminous because it is an object of preception by the Purusha. [p216]

[EB] 4.19 Nor is the mind self-illuminating, because of its nature as the object of perception. [p437]

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na = not

tat = whose

svā = itself

bhāsam = illuminating; luminous; identifiable; recognizable

svā-bhāsam = self illuminating; inherently recognizable

dṛśyatvāt = perceptibility; a perceptible object