जात्यन्तरपरिणामः प्रकृत्यापूरात् ॥२॥
jaty antara parinamah prakrity apurat ||2||

[RS] 4.2 Physical transformation engenders inner transformation of the form of existence.

[JW] 4.2 The mutation into another birth is the result of the filling in of the evolving-cause.

[SS] 4.2 The transformation of one species into another is brought about by the inflow of Nature. [p208]

[EB] 4.2 The changes [in bodily forms that take place] in other births is due to the filling by prakrti. [p408]

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jātī = form of existence; being

antara = other; inner

pariṇāmaḥ = transition; change; evolution

prakṛtyā = creation; essence; matter; physical

āpūrāt = by filling; overflowing; flowing; completion; perfection