एक समये चोभयानवधारणम् ॥२०॥
eka samaye ch obhaya an avadharanam ||20||

[RS] 4.20 Nor can both the mind and the illuminating process be cognized simultaneously.

[JW] 4.20 And there cannot be a cognition of both [thinking-substance and thing] at the same time.

[SS] 4.20 The mind-stuff cannot perceive both subject and object simultaneously [which proves it is not self-luminous]. [p218]

[EB] 4.20 There cannot be discernment of both [the mind and the object it perceives] at the same time. [p438]

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eka = one

samaye = situation; moment

eka-samaye = simultaneously

ca = and

ubhaya = both

an = not

avadhāraṇaṁ = recognize; understand; carry out