द्रष्टृदृश्योपरक्तं चित्तं सर्वार्थम् ॥२३॥
drashtri drishy opa raktam chittam sarva artham ||23||

[RW] 4.23 The actual purpose of that which is mutable in human beings (chitta) is to see close up both the observer (drashtu) and the observed object.

[JW] 4.23 Mind-stuff affected by the Seer and by the object-for-sight [leads to the perception of] all intended objects.

[SS] 4.23 The mind-stuff, when colored by both Seer and seen, understands everything. [p219]

[EB] 4.23 The mind, colored by the seer as well as by that which is seen, knows all objects. [p445]

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draṣṭṛ = drastu; the true self; the seer

dṛśya = that which is seen or perceived

ūpa = from close up

raktam = to color; to adjust

cittam = chitta, i.e. that which is mutable in human beings; mind

sarva = all

artham = purpose