विशेषदर्शिनः आत्मभावभावनानिवृत्तिः ॥२५॥
vishesha darshinah atmabhava bhavana nivrittih ||25||

[RS] 4.25 For he who has experienced this unique vision (darshana), the desire (vritti) for self fulfillment vanishes.

[JW] 4.25 For him who sees the distinction, pondering upon his own states-of-being ceases.

[SS] 4.25 To one who sees the distinction between the mind and the Atman, thoughts of mind as the Atman cease forever. [p220]

[EB] 4.25 For one who sees the distinction [between the mind and the soul], reflecting on the nature of the self ceases. [p447]

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viśeṣa = uniqueness; distinction

darśinaḥ = for/by he who sees

ātma = the true self

bhāva = goal

ātma-bhāva = self fulfillment; self knowledge

bhāvanā = determination; wish; desire

nivṛttiḥ = cessation of all thinking, misconceptions and thought waves