तदा विवेकनिम्नं कैवल्यप्राग्भारं चित्तम् ॥२६॥
tada viveka nimnam kaivalya prag bharam chittam ||26||

[RS] 4.26 Then the power of discernment (viveka) will be strengthened and all that is mutable in human beings (chitta) will take the path of liberation (kaivalya).

[JW] 4.26 Then the mind-stuff is borne down to discrimination onward towards Isolation.

[SS] 4.26 Then the mind-stuff is inclined toward discrimination and gravitates toward Absoluteness. [p220]

[EB] 4.26 At that point, the mind, inclined toward discrimination, gravitates toward ultimate liberation. [p449]

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tadā = then

viveka = discernment; power of discernment

nimnam = incline towards

kaivalya = liberation

prāk = orientation; inclination

bhāram = weight

cittam = spirit; mind; understanding