तच्छिद्रेषु प्रत्ययान्तराणि संस्कारेभ्यः ॥२७॥
tach chhidreshu pratyaya antarani sanskarebhyah ||27||

[RS] 4.27 This viewpoint is breached by preconceptions (samskara), whereupon other impressions arise.

[JW] 4.27 In the intervals of this [mind-stuff] there are other presented-ideas [coming] from subliminal-impressions.

[SS] 4.27 In between, distracting thoughts may arise due to past impressions. [p221]

[EB] 4.27 During the intervals [in this state of discriminate awareness] other ideas [arise] because of previous samskaras. [p449]

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tat = this

cidrreṣu = breach; fundamental change

pratyayān = that which is in the mind; thought; perception; mental impression

antaraṇi = other; different

saṁskārebhyaḥ = aus saṁskāra, preconceptions; inclinations