हानमेषां क्लेशवदुक्तम् ॥२८॥
hanam esham kleshavad uktam ||28||

[RS] 4.28 These preconceptions are eliminated as described previously for spiritual burdens (klesha).

[JW] 4.28 The escape from these [subliminal-impressions] is described as being like [the escape from] the hindrances.

[SS] 4.28 They can be removed, as in the case of the obstacles explained before. [See Book 2, Sutras 1, 2, 10, 11, and 26]. [p221]

[EB] 4.28 The removal [of these previous samskaras] is said to be like [the removal] of the klesa afflictions. [p450]

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hānam =emoval; to reliquinish; to eliminate; to separate

eṣām = their

kleśa = burdens on the spiritual path

kleśavat = like the kleshas

uktam = was described