प्रसंख्यानेऽप्यकुसीदस्य सर्वथा विवेकख्यातेः धर्ममेघस्समाधिः ॥२९॥
prasankhyane 'py akusidasya sarvatha vivekakhyateh dharma meghas samadhih ||29||

[RS] 4.29 Attaining genuinely deep insight even engenders constant imperturbability and discernment (viveka). This state is referred to as dharma megha samadhi.

[JW] 4.29 For one who is not usurious even in respect of Elevation, there follows in every case as a result of discriminative discernment the concentration [called] Rain-cloud of [knowable] things.

[SS] 4.29 He who, due to his perfect discrimination, is totally disinterested even in the highest rewards remains in the constant discriminative discernment, which is called dharmamegha (cloud of dharma) samadhi. [Note: The meaning of dharma includes virtue, justice, law, duty, morality, religion, religious merit, and steadfast decree.] [p222]

[EB] 4.29 For one who has no interest even in [the fruits] of meditative wisdom on account of the highest degree of discriminative insight, the samadhi called dharma-megha, cloud of vitue, ensues. [p450]

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prasaṁkhyāne = deep insight

api = even

akusīdasya = having no interest remaining; imperturbability

sarvathā = in every way; always; constant; always

viveka = discernment

khyāti = resulting from; engendered by

dharma = virtue; cosmic order; obligations in life; tasks in life

meghaḥ = clouds; rain clouds

dharma-meghaḥ = emanation of dharma

samādhiḥ = transcendent state; samadhi; the goal of yoga