ततः क्लेशकर्मनिवृत्तिः ॥३०॥
tatah klesha karma nivrittih ||30||

[RS] 4.30 Then the concept (vritti) of spiritual burden (klesha) and cause and effect (karma) will be completely removed.

[JW] 4.30 Then follows the cessation of the hindrances and of karma.

[SS] 4.30 From that samadhi all afflictions and karmas cease. [p224]

[EB] 4.30 From this comes the cessation of the klesas [impediments to yoga] and karma. [p452]

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tataḥ = thereafter

kleśa = burdens on the spiritual path

karma = actions and their consequences

nivṛttiḥ = total cessation of a thought wave; bias; preconception