तदा सर्वावरणमलापेतस्य ज्ञानस्यानन्त्यात् ज्ञेयमल्पम् ॥३१॥
tada sarva avarana malapetasya jnanasya anantyat jneyamalpam ||31||

[RS] 4.31 Then all veils and uncertainty fall away. Knowledge that can be gained is nothing compared to the infinity of knowledge.

[JW] 4.31 Then because of the endlessness of knowledge from which all obscuring defilements have passed away, what is yet to be known amounts to little.

[SS] 4.31 Then all the coverings and impurities of knowledge are totally removed. Because of the infinity of this knowledge, what remains to be know is almost nothing. [p228]

[EB] 4.31 At this point, because of the unlimited nature of knowledge when all impurities have been removed from it, that which remains to known is little. [p453]

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tadā = then

sarva = all

āvaraṇa = covering; veil

mala = imperfections

apetasya = removed

jñānasya = knowledge

ānanta = infinity

ānantayāt = owing to the infinity of

jñeya = knowledge; that which is real

alpam = little; almost nothing