ततः कृतार्थानं परिणामक्रमसमाप्तिर्गुणानाम् ॥३२॥
tatah kritarthanam parinama krama samaptir gunanam ||32||

[RS] 4.32 In this way is the purpose of change accomplished and all change (krama) in the physical realm (guna) comes to an end.

[JW] 4.32 When as a result of this the aspects (guna) have fulfilled their purpose, they attain to the limit of the sequence of mutations.

[SS] 4.32 Then the gunas terminate their sequence of transformations because they have fulfilled their purpose. [p229]

[EB] 4.32 As a result, there is a cessation of the ongoing permutations of the gunas, their purpose now fulfilled. [p454]

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tataḥ = then; by that

kṛta = fulfilled; accomplished

arthāna = purpose

pariṇāma = change

krama = change; succession; process

samāptiḥ = terminate; end

guṇānām = gunas; the three basic constituents of matter; all matter