क्षणप्रतियोगी परिणामापरान्त निर्ग्राह्यः क्रमः ॥३३॥
kshana pratiyogi parinama aparanta nirgrahyah kramah ||33||

[RS] 4.33 The experience of a sequencing process of moments and changes comes to an end, thus making change (krama) a real experience.

[JW] 4.33 The positive correlate to the moment, recognized as such at the final limit of the mutation is a sequence.

[SS] 4.33 The sequence [referred to above] means an uninterrupted succession of moments which can be recognized at the end of their transformations. [p230]

[EB] 4.33 The progression [of any object through Time] corresponds to a [series of] moments. It is perceivable at the final [moment] of change. [p455]

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kṣaṇa = moment

pratiyogī = uninterrupted succession

pariṇāma = change; transformation

aparānta = death; end

nirgrāhyaḥ = recognizable; apprehensible; comprehensible

kramaḥ = succession; process; course; order; series