पुरुषार्थशून्यानां गुणानांप्रतिप्रसवः कैवल्यं स्वरूपप्रतिष्ठा वा चितिशक्तिरिति ॥३४॥
purusha artha shunyanam gunanam pratiprasavah kaivalyam svarupa pratishtha va chitishaktiriti ||34||

[RS] 4.34 Liberation (kaivalya) fulfills the goal of the true self (purusha); matter (guna) is transcended. The true nature of being and the force of absolute knowledge are then revealed.

[JW] 4.34 Isolation is the inverse generation of the aspects, no longer provided with a purpose by the Self or it is the Energy of Intellect grounded in itself.

[SS] 4.34 Thus, the supreme state of Independence manifests while the gunas reabsorb themselves into Prakriti, having no more purpose to serve the Prurusha. Or, to look from another angle, the power of pure consciousness settles into its own pure nature. [p231]

[EB] 4.34 Ultimate liberation is when the gunas, devoid of any purpose for the purusa, return to their original [latent] state; in other words, when the power of consciousness is situated in its own essential nature. [p457]

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puruṣa = true self; drashtu

artha = purpose; goal

śūnyānām = devoid; fulfillment

guṇānām = the three basic properties of matter

prati = back; against

pariṇāmaḥ = creation; evolution

pratiprasavaḥ = to overcome; to re-immerse

kaivalyam = liberation; enlightenment; the goal of yoga; samadhi

svarūpa = own form

pratiṣṭḥā =  established; appear

vā = or

citi = absolute knowledge; consciousness; the true self; drashtu

śaktiḥ = power; force

iti = the end