निर्माणचित्तान्यस्मितामात्रात् ॥४॥
nirmana chittany asmita matrat ||4||

[RS] 4.4 The mutable self (chitta) is engendered solely by identification with that which is mutable.

[JW] 4.4 Created mind-stuffs may result from the sense-of-personality and from this alone.

[SS] 4.4 A Yogi's egoity alone is the cause of [other artificially] created minds. [p209]

[EB] 4.4 Created minds are made from ego only. [p412]

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nirmāṇa = create; generate; bring forth

cittāni = chitta; all that is mutable in humankind; mind

asmitāḥ = self centeredness; identification with that which is mutable in humankind

mātrāt = alone